Weekly Soaking Worship and Intercession with Susan Valles

Soaking Worship and Intercession

All glory to the King!! The earth is Yours and everything in it! We give it all to You Lord. All the glory that is due to You! You are the only One worthy! You are high and lifted up! We see You! We see Your beauty! We feel Your love, and we sing, "You're the only One worthy!"

*Recorded live at Catch the Fire Worship Center, Raleigh, NC. Soaking led by Susan Valles and Steve Massengale.


About the podcast

Each Thursday, Susan leads Soaking worship and Intercessory prayer to our Lord Jesus. 

Just beneath the visual, Jesus offers the life of more - the abundant life that grants us lavish amounts of His presence, His love, and His grace. During these sessions, the atmosphere is conducive to resting in God’s Presence and allowing intimate focus and meditation on God for renewal of strength and peace. 

As the Spirit moves, prophecy, healing and all manner of spiritual gifts are often released. They are captured and presented here in podcast form. Enjoy!

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